About us

At B-PAC, we take pride in being a premier disposable food packaging supplier, serving the confectionery, food, and beverage market in Malaysia and South East Asia. Our unwavering commitment revolves around ensuring our customers enjoy high-quality, safe, and cost-effective products. Whether you're an independent business or a multinational corporation, we treat all our customers with equal dedication.

We understand that packaging is not purely for its functional purpose. It’s about building brand, protecting brand’s image and exploring new opportunities.

Wherever we are, we adapt and deliver packaging cater to the local demands. We work efficiently and tirelessly in providing reliable services.

As one of the foremost disposable food containers manufacturers, we take pride in our premium and durable-quality packaging products. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the sustainable sourcing of our materials, such as Bagasse Food Container Sugarcane Containers. Our services extend far beyond the simple delivery of goods. We offer minimum order quantities for delivery, warehousing, and distribution services, ensuring that your supply chain runs smoothly. As disposable food packaging Malaysia, we distinguish ourselves as your go-to partner for premium, sustainable, and customizable disposable food packaging manufacturer while contributing to a greener environment.


B-Pac is a specialist in disposable paper packaging solution provider with focus on THREE distinct market areas:

  • QSR/Pharmacy: Focus is on various speciality bags, including pharmacy bags, liquor bags, bread bags, retail bags, food service bags, wraps and more.
  • Distribution: Emphasize on customer need for warehousing and distribution outsourcing channel. This allows us to tailor solution that cater to their demand.
  • Advertising/Promotional: Assist our customer add value to their packaging by sharing of advertisement spaces, using it as a persuasive marketing tool.